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It's That Time Again!
Colin Kaepernick's Future in the NFL
Can the Patriots be De-Throned?


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It's That Time Again!

The 2017 NFL season kicked off with a stunning upset of the defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots by the underdog Kansas City Chiefs. Patriots fans should not be worried, and they certainly should not panic. However, they should be concerned. Tom Brady missed a lot of open receivers, and he is 40 years of age. Though the Patriots won the last Super Bowl, they were getting blown out before their historic comeback. They could not generate a pass rush last year, and they are still struggling in that area.

Colin Kaepernick's Future in the NFL

What will come of Colin Kaepernick's NFL career? Many people believe he is being "blackballed" by the league because of his allegedly unpatriotic refusal to stand for the national anthem during games.  Now, Baltimore owner Steve Bisciotti has publicly requested that people actuallyprayto help him decide whether the Ravens should sign him. It seems to me that the main reason Kaepernick has not been signed is that he is simply not an elite player. After all, teams think nothing of signing talented wife beaters, drug abusers, thugs, dog fighters, and so forth.

Can the Patriots be De-Throned?

The New England Patriots often look downright unbeatable. Often, it seems that, of their AFC competitors, the Steelers have the best chance of beating them. But that seems unlikely unless the Steelers can play better on the road and get the home field advantage in the playoffs. That way their offense could keep pace with the Brady bunch. However, if they play in New England, the Patriots will successfully do to Pittsburgh what they always do -- just spread them out and pick them apart.

In the NFC, the Falcons blew a 25-point lead to the Patriots in the Super Bowl.


Aaron Hernandez was a fantastic tight end for the New England Patriots. Yet he sabotaged his career and is still facing murder charges years after his first murder conviction!

Why is it that so many professional athletes flush their fantasies down the toilet in such foolish ways? It does not seem to take much for an athlete to stay out of major trouble. Why is not fabulous success a strong enough deterrent to crime and foolish behavior?

It would seem that success would overrule peer pressure.


Many people believe that athletes and entertainers should just perform and keep quiet about their social and political views (unless those views are agreeable to those opposing athletes and entertainers expressing their social and political views!)

I, on the other hand, applaudeveryone'sright to express themselves. However, everyone must be held accountable for the views they express.

Poor Jameis Winston found this out the hard way. The star quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in February (Black History Month) told a group of young rambunctious boys at Melrose Elementary school in St.


Now that the Super Bowl has ended, NFL fans are thinking about the draft and how their respective teams will do next season. The Dallas Cowboys had two of the most impressive rookies in NFL history in quarterback Dak Prescott and running back Ezekiel Elliott. No rookie quarterback has ever led his team to a Super Bowl, so Dallas fans should not have had their hopes so high. But another season beckons, and some Cowboys fans are already saying they will win the Super Bowl next year.


Not surprisingly, the New England Patriots have made it to a record ninth Super Bowl. (The team they defeated, the Pittsburgh Steelers, have won more Super Bowls and more post-season games than any team in NFL history.)

Perhaps much more surprising, the Atlanta Falcons blew out the Green Bay Packers to become representatives of the NFC in the Super Bowl. Unlike the Green Bay-Atlanta NFC championship game, this Super Bowl could turn out to be a shootout.

Thirty other teams are left to wonder what it will take to make it to the big game and become a Super Bowl champion.


December is when the cream in the NFL starts to rise to the top. There are some teams that always play their best football in that month, in anticipation of the post season. Those teams include the New England Patriots, the Seattle Seahawks and the Pittsburgh Steelers.

However, some teams are going to have to try especially hard to make it. The Steelers, for example, are currently tied for first place with the Baltimore Ravens, another team that has historically played well in December. The Steelers have a game this weekend at home against the surging Giants.


The game between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos will be the first rematch between Super Bowl opponents to start the season since the Kansas City Chiefs played the Minnesota Vikings after Super Bowl IV.

This is one game that I am especially looking forward to. Cam Newton played a terrible Super Bowl. The Carolina defense, while not as stellar as Denver's, played well enough to win. However, Newton did not make enough big plays with his arm or his legs. Fans expected much more from the league MVP.


This weekend will be the last week of pre-season football. And it could not happen soon enough. There have been many serious injuries to key players for several teams. Perhaps the most notable are injuries to QB Teddy Bridgewater of the Minnesota Vikings and tight end Ben Watson of the Baltimore Ravens.

Many football fans, players and coaches believe it is time to change the pre-season or get rid of it altogether. Others, like New York Giants QB Eli Manning, say they need the pre-season. Some coaches say there is simply no way to evaluate players and decide who makes the team without a lengthy pre-season.